Sunday, June 17, 2012

Domestic Goddess

Kaisercraft June Sketch # 2

I'm running a week behind where I want to be but anyhow here is my interpretation of Kaisercraft's June sketch # 2.

I went searching through my digital photo's for something to use with this sketch and I found myself looking back on older photo's and it suddenly impacted on me just how quickly my children are growing up.  It gets so chaotic and busy that the time just seems to disappear and then I'm faced with this realisation that my children are not babies anymore.  It's given me a reminder to STOP.  Stop and and take time out of my day to just sit and watch my children.  Enjoy them as these small people and store it away.

That's really the essence of why I love to scrapbook.  It is that STOP.  It is a time for reflection and reminiscing.  A time to remember and then record that memory.

I just love this picture of my youngest daughter Isabella.  She was 1.5yrs in this pic and now she is almost 3.  The whole scene of the shoes and the basket, it's her personality all over.

I used Kaisercraft "Little Miss" and "Hippy Girl" collections.  Some oldies but they came together quite nicely.


  1. Oh how GORGEOUS!!!! off the charts cute photo Rebecca ! And I love that little pink rosette .... did you make that? You could do a youtube tut on how to make these ... people love that stuff! The two collections really did come together well, it's a very sweet page...Smiles from Kel xo

  2. Hi Kel, thanks for your lovely comment. I did make the rosette with organza ribbon. Probably a tutorial that has been exhausted over the web already though.

  3. What a lovely layout Rebecca, and she is such a lovely little girl.

  4. Love the layout and love the Title!! Sooooo cute!