Sunday, July 1, 2012


Well I said earlier I really wanted to have a go at the mixed media canvases that I came across on Gabrielle Pollacco's blog at and I did!!!!

I just loved how there was a randomness to putting all together and I quite enjoyed getting my hands dirty.  I absolutely love how the canvas turned out.  This will definately be hanging in my new craft room.


  1. Rebecca!! It came out beautiful and I love the background you came up with...really pretty!! Thanks for sharing your link, I love seeing what others are doing with the template! xx

  2. HOLY COW Rebecca ... this is GORGEOUS .... I can't believe you did it up so quickly too! I absolutely adore the colours you have used as well!!! I sooooo hope Gabrielle never reads this ... but I like yours even better than the original ... both are divine of course, but your colours appeal to me big time. Congrats on an AWESOME canvas!